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  • Shadir Ahmed & Wishmi Tharusha Hettiarachchi

    Celebrate Us,  a trilingual (English, Sinhala & Tamil) song is an initiative taken by MBC Networks Sri Lanka,  using music as the platform to spread an important  message to the world through children on the eve of the “World Childrens’ Day” – To “Love, Care and Protect” our Children – The Pillars of Tomorrow’s World.

    The song is an original and composed to be in English, Tamil & Sinhala (Trilingual Song) and launched as a live performance sang by” Shakthi Junior Super Star” finalist Shadir & “Y FM Malviya” participant Vishmi along with 30 children below the age of 15, performing for a pact audience of Cooperates, Advertising fraternity and General public.

    From Right of birth, Right to education, Child Labor, Child Sex Abuse, and the Violence against children today is multi folded. And the people of the world should join together to give their voice against the social evil. In the hope of getting the much needed attention and creating awareness on protecting Children for a peaceful tomorrow, this song is a musical dedication to the World.

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  • Padavi Deshmukh

    This song features Padavi Deshmukh as a singer and Christopher as keyboard artist.

    Padavi has represented her school and college at state and national level in singing. Her consistent efforts to create good music by singing her best and the thirst to be a singing sensation not only in India but abroad as well  has driven her song “Voice of Women” to the ABU Song Festival, which could prove be a turning point of her singing career. The unedited version of “Voice of Women”,  which expresses outrage against the atrocities on women, has over 1000 views and several positive comments.

    A small town girl from Karnataka, who has never learnt music, yet one can always find her singing in her own ways, Padavi believes that music is the only language that can touch everybody’s heart and can be the strongest way to change the world.

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  • Peepal Tree

    Peepal Tree, formed in August 2014, was instantly recognised for their fresh, modern yet unique creations. Their songs, Chetana and Tangi which they put out on social media went viral and received thousands of plays and downloads overnight. This saw them playing prime slots at some of the biggest music festivals in India such as NH7 Weekender and October fest.

    The band’s latest release Nayi Khushi received massive response on social media and still remains one of the most requested songs. The band comprising Sujay on Vocals, Tony on Guitars, Praveen on Bass and Willy on Drums, is well known and respected in the Indian independent music scene.

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  • Dinh Thi Thanh Le

    Dinh Thi Thanh Le has become popular after “Morning Star” Season 4 in 2007 – a nation wide television show for choosing the best talent in 3 different rounds in chamber music, pop music and folk music. She won the First Prize in this contest with a song “Ha Tinh I Love” – “Ha Tinh Minh Thuong”, a song from composer An Thuyen. Four years later, in 2011 she took part in the “National Chamber Music” Contest and turned in to the “Best Singer of Vietnamese songs”.

    Although success in chamber music and pop music but she loves the combination of pop and folk music, especially the songs about her poor but very lovely native homeland. She says the motherland always nurse her passion on singing. She dreams to sing for listeners beyond the country too, so they know more about her Vietnam native homeland and this also her great honour to dedicate these songs in ABU Radio Song Festival held in Myanmar in 2015.

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  • Jack’s Fruit Band

    Jack’s Fruit Band, established in 2014, consists of four talented musicians and singers. With their own identity, they offer fantastic music by using three pieces of instruments, Piano Base and Trumpet for perfect harmony. Jack’s Fruit Band has been selected by Radio Thailand to rearrange  the songs  of  NBT’s Band, a famous one in Thailand since 1939, and present them in a new way to encourage young generation to get to know these songs.

    The song which Jack’s Fruit Band has selected to present in the ABU Radio Song Festival 2015 is a well-known romantic one, titled “Ban Khong Rao” which means my home.  The lyric of this song was written by Mr Srisawat Pijitwongkan, and  its music was composed by Mr. Eau Sunthornsanan, a venerable musician who was recognized  in 2009  by the United Nations as a world renowned person of Thai pop music. It is a great honor to have the opportunity to present Thai music to the international stage of Radio Song Festival 2015.

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  • Jaewon Jung

    Jaewon Jung is known as guitarist Jukjae in performance sessions with famous artists. He has already been credited as a composer and arranger with various Korean artists’ albums and concerts. He has participated as an arranger and guitarist for Kim Dongryul, Kim Bumsu, Lin, Tei, Jang Yoonju, Yoon Jongshin, Infinite, 4men, Younha 4th, Kim jinho (SGwannabe) 1st, Jung Joonyoung albums.

    He also performed with others, whom he had previously recorded albums with, such as; LucidFall, Jung Jaehyung, Brown Eyed Soul, Park Hyosin, Shin Seonghun, Kim Johan, Pudditorium. He performed with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra in renowned composer Jin Eun Suk’s “Ars Nova” conducted by Peter Hirsh.

    He is a member of a jazz funk band called Jazz Snobs Funk Additcs (JSFA), and performs with Koobonam Band, and Leesangmin Band.

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  • Zing Band

    Ahmed Zahir (leader of the band) met Ibbe and Nisham in 1995. As they were interested in music, the idea of starting a band together become a reality. In 1997 the band started performing on streets and at private parties.

    “ZING” name was registered as a band and “KHIYAAR” was their first recording. In 2006 the band got dismantled. But the dream of doing more recordings still remains.

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  • Moosa Mausoof

    Moosa Mausoof, commonly known as Hardio, was interested in music from an early age. He started practicing music on his own, but with the support of his family he was able to pursue his dream of becoming a musician.

    Starting off by playing keyboard/piano and later polishing up his singing talent, he was able to record some of his own songs. He started his own YouTube channel about a year ago.

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