Mohsen Mirzazadeh

Mohsen Mirzazadeh a young and popular Iranian singer these days was born on 1979 in Mashhad.

He is a singer, graduated from Tehran University, his grandfather Lachinbig was a prominent performer in his time.

He has been playing music since he was eleven years old. Although he first saw the instrument in his father’s hand, he was reminded and proud of the alphabet by Behnam Tajiani. He plays Dutra, Sattar, Tar and Divan.

He began his formal career in singing in 2004. He won second place at the first time in Iranian Fajr Festival of the Year. He has won first place in the Defense Music Festival of the Year, and has won first place at the Shiraz Voice and Sounds Festival in 2007 and has performed at numerous conferences throughout the country.

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